Art is an ever-flowing exchange of discovery and meaning in moments that enfold and unfold knowledge in meaningful relationships.

When we define moments by the relational interaction of discovery and meaning they do not need have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.  Nor do these relationships of meaning need to exist in a sequential way.

There is an action at a distance with no known mediator of the interaction and this can be thought of as a field that accounts for all possible relationships.  This field is the primary essence of art’s domain.

From this domain creativity, novelty and meaning spring up as semi-autonomous events for a certain kind of moment and then dissolve back into the underlying order.  This field is an unceasing process of becoming.

These relationships are intricately structured in their own logical ways and gives rise to other relationships that are not necessarily causal in nature.  The lack of causality does not negate the occurrence of discovery and meaning.

Discovery and meaning can be a-causal projections from a multidimensional ground where events flow multi-directionally; bringing with them new relationships of creativity, information and knowledge gained.

From this multidimensional ground, projections actually determine the order of time; where the ultimate elements of art are not point events as instantiations of properties in objects but of moments.  As such, moments that “skip” superseding spaces become as valid as any other forms of time that may appear continuous.

This movement gives shape to all forms and its structure gives order to movement where a deeper and more extensive inner movement creates, maintains, and ultimately dissolves the structure.