Being a contemplative and speculative person, I wonder what correlates might exist in the area of willful awareness and quantum coherence.  Is there something at play where we might tune our awareness in a way analogous to temperatures approaching absolute zero?

The Buddhist reference a state called Deep Awareness as a state of “untainted” omniscience mind.  Such a state might mirror the principles found in quantum coherence where magnetic flux and other noise are not tolerated by superconductive and superfluidic systems.  Indeed, within quantum coherent states any magnetic flux or increase in temperature becomes a vortex, barred from mixing with the uniform coherence that simply envelopes, out of contact, any such noise.  One has a sense here of stillness and perhaps that saying about still waters running deep bears a metaphor of truth.

Thich Nhat Hanh once said, “If you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.” That to me is the essence of quantum coherence as it might be applied to our willful awareness and our reciprocal, resonate, relationship with the world as a whole.

Deep awareness might be a conscious state of quantum coherence and as such lead to novel phenomena at the macroscopic level.  So it seems to me that we might have, within our power, the ability to approach our reciprocal relationship with the world from a state of coherence where we are able to move through events or moments that are free from disturbing influences, tribulations and turbulence.  In this state we find little resistance and a reflecting back of our own shinning light to us, its source, when it is mirrored in the external existence of our very own retro-reflector.

Perhaps then, we might thrive with a more coherent state of mind.  By doing so we would hold ourselves open to the universe and each other and allow for the movement of energy/information in more productive and meaningful ways.